Buying ruless

  • Every user (and hereinafter Buyer) has the right to use the platform for its intended purpose - browse and buy spare automotive parts.
  • Buyer has the right to purchase items using any of the payment methods that are accepted.
  • Buyer has the right to return purchased items as long as the return policy is met:
    • Items must be undamaged.
    • Items must be returned in their original packaging.
    • Items must not be replaced by another or similar item.
    • Items must be returned within the time allowance stated in Return policies.
  • Buyer has the right to append, change or remove their information from Fastparts system at any point upon written request.
  • Buyer is responsible for providing correct information in order to fulfill delivery requests.
  • Buyer is responsible for providing correct personal or company information for billing purposes.
  • It is solely Buyer's responsibility to use payment methods which they have authorization to use or are the legal owner of.
  • Buyer is responsible for item returns.
    • Items must be returned in person, by courier or by mail.
  • Buyer is responsible for post and/or courier delivery costs.
  • Do not transfer user Account or login data of to the third parties, and ensure the confidentiality and security of these data.
  • Do not take any action that could endanger the security of the website and its database.
  • Carefully read all the information provided about the item being sold, its final price and the charges that make up it, before purchasing an item.
  • The Buyer shall pay the Service Provider for the purchased goods.
  • Do not violate or do not break any legal provisions, third party rights or Terms of Use.
  • To pay the established amount for the purchased product on due time, unless there is a reasonable reason not to do so.
  • On time, to collect an item, which you paid for or an item reserved on
  • Before purchasing the product, read carefully all the information provided in the Advertisement about the product, its final price and its fees and other important information, and in case of uncertainty or questions, contact fastparts Support (

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